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5 Signs That You’re Long Due For A Dental Cleaning

Brushing alone is not enough. Flossing, too, is not enough. Even when you do both, it still won’t be enough. This is because, unknown to us, bacteria present in our teeth are growing more and more each day. They’re multiplying – a lot. And they turn into these thick, hardened clusters of bacteria commonly referred to as “tartar.” To get these out, merely brushing or flossing won’t be enough. You’ll need professional help. The kind of help only dental health professionals can provide.

This method of extraction and cleaning of bacteria build-up on teeth is what we refer to as a “dental cleaning.” If you have a family dentist, then you’ve probably heard or experienced the procedure before. However, one dental cleaning is not enough for one lifetime. It’s not even enough to last you the whole year! Our constant eating and drinking of food and beverages (respectively) allow bacteria to grow back, fast. The plaque builds all over again calling for the need of another dental cleaning.

But how do you know when you’re due for another dental cleaning appointment? Well, a few signs will tell you it’s time and we’ve listed them all down below!

Your Gums Look Swollen

If your gums are starting to look redder than a tomato, then you bet it’s time to book a dental appointment. Swelling is a common reaction to something foreign living inside our body. Well, our teeth too, are parts of our body. So when something foreign tries to invade the inner workings of our mouths, our gums (the most sensitive and vulnerable part of our mouths) will naturally react to let us know that something is wrong. The build-up of bacteria, tartar as some would refer to, is not a natural part of our system. Therefore, our system would react to it aggressively; it’ll notify us that something in our body is off-tune by inflaming the area affected. So when you see your gums reddening in the area where it meets your teeth, then you’re definitely in need of a dental cleaning.

Your Gums Bleed Even With Light Impact

Hit your gum area with the head of your toothbrush? Roughly chewed a piece of meat? Bit into a piece of biscuit too hard and quick? If any of these seemingly normal activities can cause your gums to bleed uncontrollably, then there is definitely something wrong with your gum health. Gums get too sensitive when you’re long due for a dental cleaning. It will bruise and bleed even with the slightest impact.

This reminds me of an actual experience I had when I was younger. Back then, I knew nothing of dentistry. I didn’t know what in the world a dental cleaning was. I just munched on food without paying much mind to what it may cost me. I remember a friend telling me (while we were chatting during class) that my teeth were bleeding. I was very alarmed. No pain or any sort of alarm warned me about the bleeding. It suddenly bled without me knowing why, how, or when. I didn’t give it much thought since it wasn’t especially painful but then it happened again. This time, I was eating a lollipop. And in no circumstance was I being clumsy about it. After a few more episodes (I was very stubborn and uncaring at the time), I finally decided to pay our family dentist a visit. Turns out, my teeth and gums were in very bad shape because of the blockage (tartar) caught in-between the area where my gums meet my teeth.

Your Breath Starts To Drive People Away

Bad breath is usually hard to determine, especially when you’re not very conscious about it. However, what you can’t smell; others can. But I do think that they’d really rather not. Bad breath is a real social life killer. Getting one word into the conversation is enough to drive your friends away. You can be very close and they’d still avoid having intimate convos with you. People aren’t that kind. If you have real friends, they’d choose to tell you your breath stinks, though. Before the damage in your reputation gets too far. But if you can avoid it, do so at all costs. No one likes meeting a stink mouth and I’m pretty sure you won’t feel flattered about getting the nickname as well. Bad breath is a telltale sign that you are in dire need of a thorough dental cleaning. Even dental marketing companies like know this, and they aren’t even dentists.

Cold Treats Begin To Feel Unpleasant

When you’re long overdue for a dental cleaning, your life can seriously get ruined. I mean, your teeth will start being more sensitive and treats that you used to enjoy will gradually feel like edible torture. Ice cream won’t be as thick and creamy anymore. It’s simply going to be a fiesta of stinging zaps. Parfaits, milkshakes, snow cones, and every other cold dessert will not taste as sweet and refreshing. Instead, they will look painful and unappealing. If you’re starting to hate eating that gallon of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream topped with Nutella because you don’t feel too comfortable putting it inside your mouth, then there’s definitely something wrong with you. Tooth sensitivity is an alarming sign that tells you to get your dental cleaning done pretty soon.

Your Pearly Whites Aren’t So White & Pearly Anymore

People are spending hundreds of dollars just to get whiter teeth only to later on lose them because of poor oral hygiene. When you don’t attend to your regular dental cleaning appointments, chances are, your teeth will start to discolor. This is doubly true when you’re an avid coffee drinker. You worked so hard to get your teeth looking white and pearly. Are you really willing to lose it just because you’re too darn lazy to set up an appointment with your dentist? Discolored teeth tell you that you need to get your dental cleaning done ASAP.

Observe your oral health at all times. Our teeth are hard to save when it’s too late!