Top Big Header - It's NOT TOO LATE to see your Dentist

It’s NOT TOO LATE to see your Dentist

As the end of the calendar year approaches, there are many things to remember. We are often so busy with Holiday shopping and preparations that we forget to take care of ourselves. Now is the perfect time to schedule your dental visit. Did you know that 92% of employees with PPO Dental plans DO NOT use their annual benefit maximum? In addition to dental benefits, many people have flexible spending accounts (FSA), which can help pay for your dental care with pre-taxed money. This is a use it or lose situation- unused benefits DO NOT ROLLOVER into the next year on most plans. You have until December 31st to use your remaining dental benefits and flexible spening dollars. Don’t delay recommended treatment this year, as you have most likely fulfilled this year’s deductible.

For your convenience, we have added more clinical hours until the end of the year to accomodate your needs. Call today to schedule your appointments.

Tips to Maximize your Dental Benefits:

  1. Many insurance plans cover preventive care at 100%, so book your appointment today. Check with your carrier, some plans even allow 3 Dental cleanings per year!
  2. Speak to your Dentist about planned treatment, consider scheduling treatment before the end of the year when it becomes difficult to get appointments.
  3. Call our Patient Treatment Coordinator for help in determining your remaining benefits and options for scheduling. She can offer you information about co-payments due for your visits and help you plan your FSA spending.