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Summer Fun

With the school year ending and summer fast approaching, many exciting changes will be happening. Children and parents alike look forward to a relaxed and fun-filled summer vacation filled with camp enrollment, pool parties and sports activities. Now is the time to remember some important summer safety tips! Parents need to prepare ahead for accident prevention. If your child plays sports, it is important to protect them from trauma and injury to the face and teeth.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, swimming pool accidents are the number one cause of dental emergencies. Running around a pool deck and slippery, wet surfaces causes many children to fall head first onto the ground, which can cause broken and displaced teeth. It is imperative to seek attention from a Dentist ASAP if a dental injury has occurred. Your Dentist will evaluate the emergency and assess any possible damage to the root of the tooth. The sooner you get your Dentist, the greater the possibility of repairing/saving the tooth.

If your child is involved in any sports activities which involve body contact, falling and/or flying objects, a custom fitted protective mouth guard is advised. It is a device worn over the upper teeth to protect against broken teeth and lacerations to the gums and lips. The device is custom designed by your Dentist to ensure the best fit and comfort level. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that can be designed to match your team or camp colors. The possibilities are endless.