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4 Simple Effective Methods To Whiten Your Teeth

Do you dream of having gorgeous white teeth? Do you wish for the day to come when you no longer have to edit your discoloured teeth in photos? Well, I get where you’re coming from. A perfect set of white teeth is something all of us dream of, after all. To smile without hesitation, to laugh with your mouth wide open, and to pose for the cameras without feeling overly self-conscious, surely, these are all what people aspire for. To have a smile so brilliant, so dazzling that pearls themselves would come second in comparison.

However, whitening your teeth can be a pretty meddlesome task. If you opt for professional services, it becomes an expensive one too. Paying for a cosmetic dentist is no chicken feed; take it from someone who’s in the practice of dentistry himself! Although paying for a dental whitening procedure is definitely cost well spent, it’s still not possible to have it if you only have your humble budget to rely on. It’s too impractical to prioritize getting your teeth whitened when you can ill afford it. Invest on your teeth but only if you have money to spare.

So for those of you who would love to transform your teeth one shade whiter at a time, we proudly bring you this article. Here, we listed highly effective whitening methods that cost little to nothing! Sure, these methods will take longer to show visible results but it’s better than sitting around doing nothing. So while you’re saving up on that dental whitening procedure you’ve long been eyeing, try to do the following whitening hacks to get you closer to achieving your dream teeth:

Fluoride Toothpaste

Of course, fluoride toothpaste was going to get into this list. What else did you expect? Fluoride has long been known to be a substance that can instantly whiten teeth. It is commonly found in store-bought toothpaste. In fact, it is a common ingredient among different toothpaste brands. Fluoride is also a common ingredient among many other oral care products such as mouthwash. It helps keep teeth from discoloration and may even whiten “already” faded or stained teeth.

With a professional’s help, fluoride can be applied in more concentrated amounts to hasten or strengthen its whitening effect. However, doing this without professional assistance is an idea you should really steer clear from. Very high concentrations of fluoride and its incorrect application to teeth can cause irreversible damage. Parents are even advised to teach their children how to spit out fluoride toothpaste properly after every brush. Prolonged exposure to fluoride may cause teeth to become brittle and weak.

Baking Soda

Now, here we have a whitening genius. It’s literally what you’d call “all-around.” You can use it to clean toilets, kitchen counters, tiled floors, stained laundry, and yes, even your teeth. I know it’s rather inappropriate to cite examples like toilets in this case but I just want to show you how versatile baking soda can be. We even use it to bake delicious cakes! Baking soda has long been loved by moms and househusbands because of how effective it is as a whitening agent. It can even rival the whitening properties of bleach. The only difference is that baking soda takes a bit longer to show effect but it’s definitely a “greener” option.

When using baking soda, all you need to do is mix it with water (maybe a bit of apple cider vinegar, if you have some at home) to create a paste-like texture. You apply it on your teeth as you would in regular brushing. You can smudge a bit of the formula onto your toothbrush and apply it directly to teeth. It’s mild, natural, and completely safe. Plus, it’s way cheaper than getting your teeth bleached over and over again. You can start your journey to whiter teeth using this simple method and just finish it up with a single dental whitening procedure. It’s a good method to follow for maintenance too. After all, you don’t want all your efforts to go to waste right? White teeth are hard to achieve but it’s definitely not impossible, especially with baking soda being easily accessible.

Salt & Vinegar

Another natural method to whiten teeth is using salt and vinegar. In this case, you would want to use Apple Cider Vinegar, not the white vinegar you find in your kitchen. Salt helps rub the vinegar onto your teeth better. After all, vinegar alone is too fluid to stick to a surface for a long time. Although it’s going to smell a bit sour during the process (not for me, I like the scent of vinegar), the results will definitely be worth it. You can use it as you wouyld toothpaste or gargle it. You’ll see similar results after prolonged use. You can do this before and after you get out of bed. Make sure to brush with proper toothpaste a couple minutes after, though! You might end up with stinky breath at work!

Whitening Strips

Last but not least, we have whitening strips. If you haven’t heard of them yet, these are thin, elastic (and usually transparent) strips that are wrapped around teeth for a given period of time to make it whiter. A single application usually lasts for 15 to 30 minutes. Although this is not my best recommendation, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is not effective. Good brands like Crest actually produce quality results overtime. You just have to be willing to shed a little from your pocket. You also need to be patient enough to see actual results. Do it while drying your hair or putting on makeup. You can even apply it while you’re working on something on your laptop or work desk. Two birds with one stone, right?